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Human resources development project

It is a project to promote international mutual understanding by supporting and contributing to the development of young human resources who will lead the future.

Scholarship Programs for Students in Asian Countries

For supporting the human resource development of the young generation in Asian countries,
we have the scholarship program for the undergraduate and graduate students of major universities in Thailand, Indonesia, China and India etc.
( Several designated universities have received the scholarship for the students.)

This scholarship program, launched in 1984, has been appreciated in Asian countries as a pioneer of the scholarship program in Asia.
We have supported total 16,417 scholars in 38 years to 2021.
Alumni of our scholars are currently doing well in each field for contributing the development of each country.
We would like to provide a “warm-hearted” scholarship program by holding the scholarship award ceremony for scholars every year and handing the scholarship certificate to each scholar.

We will support 470 undergraduate and graduate students at 31 designated universities in 13 Asian countries for Year 2022.
We send the Offer Letters to 31 designated universities and request them to nominate the candidates of the scholars among their students.

Country-specific scholarship payments (until 2021)
Country Thailand Indonesia The
China Vietnam India Myanmar Cambodia
Launched 1984 1984 1990 1992 1995 1996 1996 2006
1,549 1,686 312 6,753 3,085 1,021 580 480
39 36 15 85 105 38 0 30

Country Bangladesh Pakistan Mongolia Lao Sri Lanka Others Total
Launched 2013 2014 2015 2015 2017
270 154 104 167 85 171 16,417
30 17 12 21 17 0 445